Convention Daily Report - Pre Glow Day

Daily Convention Reports from ATOS 2015 in Philadelphia by Joshua Dill, ATOS Board Youth Representative

What a prelude! It could be aptly described as an overwhelming exhibition of what a bit of money in the right hands can accomplish. The DuPonts and the Wanamakers indeed created wonders that will strike awe in men's hearts forever! I entered the tour bus, flanked on all sides by familiar faces from past conventions and also by many new faces I would soon have the pleasure of meeting. Fortune was on my side, or more specifically, seated behind me on the bus, for it was there I was able to meet and befriend three wonderful folks my own age who quickly accepted me into their group. Together, we toured the verdant Longwood Gardens, aimlessly meandering through the immaculate grounds, bejeweled with vivid blossoms and ever ringing with the flow of trickling water features.

Each corner held a unique feast for the eyes and ears! Of course, not all was sheer play and relaxation! Upon receiving word that phonograph cacti were nestled within the maze-like bowers of the garden, we set out single-mindedly to acquire a needle ourselves for use on our 78 players at home. After an arduous search, the cacti were located and the prickly prize was carefully removed. The time for the concert arrived and we filed into the opulent ballroom, crammed with conventioneers eager to hear the first concert of the day. In a varied and exiting concert, Jonas Nordwall saw to it expressly that not a single listener was left in want, utilizing the grand Aeolian to its fullest extent. The song selections included Broadway music, a marvelous Chopin piano transcription, and some crowd-pleasing jazz along with many other great pieces.

Finally, late in the evening, the most eagerly awaited moment of the day arrived as we made our way to the Wanamaker (Macy's) store. We would be spending our evening with the grandest lady of them all. Without doubt, the concert I would soon experience will be treasured forever by those of us fortunate enough to have heard it. The cavernous grand court soared far above us, begging to be filled with sublime notes. The darkness and silence we enjoyed in the typically noisy store reminded us of how privileged we were to hear the organ in such a serene environment. Peter Richard Conte took his seat at the console and what followed defies my meager powers of description. How futile are words in attempting to describe sounds so lush and satisfying! The bombast of thunder and the tenderness of the most delicate flutes caressed the marble walls of the court, along with every other pleasing organ voice conceivable. Macy's neglected a significant opportunity for profit in failing to open the underwear counter after the concert. After what I heard, I'm confident I wasn't the only one in need of a change afterward! All around, it was the perfect start to what I'm sure will be an unforgettable convention.

-- Joshua Dill
(images, except Dill at Airport by Richard Neidich)

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Arrival at Airport

Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens console

Jonas Nordwall at Longwood Gardens

Grand Court at Macy's (Wanamaker)

Grand Court at Macy's (Wanamaker)

Peter Conte and Macy's (Philadelphia)