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A Message from the ATOS Board of Directors, and
Convention Planning Coordinator Mike Kinerk

It’s difficult to believe that those of us who love the theatre organ will now live through two summers without an ATOS Annual Convention, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. To say it has changed our lives doesn’t come close to defining the effects of the health catastrophe.

2020 was certainly a doomed year, almost from the start. We were supposed to meet in Atlanta, but scheduling issues at the Fox plus planned work on Mighty Mo forced the Atlanta Chapter to cancel. Central Indiana stepped up with its great track record of conventions. But the pandemic forced the cancellation of not just 2020, but this year’s gathering as well.

So now, we focus on what will be our next (in-person) convention, San Diego in July of 2022,. There will be much information in the coming months, telling us about the Copley Symphony Hall (former San Diego Fox) and its renovated 4-manual Robert-Morton; the Balboa Theatre and its transplanted Wonder Morton; Trinity Lutheran Church and the 4/24 Wurlitzer; Balboa Park and the July 4th Spectacular, and so much more.

Beyond that, CATOE will host 2023 in Chicago; Indianapolis will now host 2024; and there are ongoing discussions with other chapters for future conventions.

For those who have paid for registration for Indianapolis, there are options looking ahead in terms of your convention investment.

For information about the ATOS Convention scheduled for San Diego, click here:

For information about the ATOS Convention scheduled for Indianapolis, click here: