Chairman's Message on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

News: Chairman's Message on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To our ATOS members,

The American Theatre Organ Society, along with many other organizations, is monitoring the Corona Virus, or COVID-19 pandemic.

While our passion of working on and presenting the theatre organ is there, we must also realize that gatherings are being highly discouraged, and in some places, banned outright, in order to slow the spread of the virus. We recognize that many of our members fall in into the high-risk category and are concerned about every member’s health and well-being. Social distancing is now being encouraged by the CDC and government officials.

The decision regarding cancelling or postponing events should be considered, according to the recommendation of several governmental and medical agencies. Being that ATOS is spread out over the world, we encourage each chapter with activities planned to do what is best for the membership and community. We encourage you to follow all recommendations made by your local, state and federal governments, and the Center for Disease Control (

Our annual convention is planned for early July in Indianapolis. Currently, we are proceeding with that plan, however, we are continuing to monitor the situation and will let you know as soon as possible if this changes. We will be doing the same for the Young Theatre Organist Competition, Summer Youth Adventure, Technical Experience and the Fall Escape Adult Adventure, all of which are scheduled for later this summer. The board of directors will continue to monitor the situation and will update our membership via social media and our website as soon as any decision is made.


Dave Calendine