Sept/Oct Journal Delivery Update

News: Sept/Oct Journal Delivery Update


It’s on the way. Really.

You know that the September/October issue is always printed later than the other issues, to allow time for the convention coverage to be written, photographs collected, and the whole works assembled and turned into the visual treat you expect by our crack team of graphic designers.

This year was no different – except we had a unique source for the accompanying illustrations.

While other issues each year are targeted for mailing within the first week of the month, the September/October issue is normally scheduled for a week later, subject to adjustment depending on when Labor Day falls. This year, Labor Day wasn’t until September 6, so the target shipping date was September 10.

Unfortunately, we ran into a snafu with our printer, who felt they should be paid for producing the July/August issue before they printed the September/October issue. Somehow, during the change of Treasurers and getting the changes to our bank, some things got lost in the shuffle. And this, as you might expect, caused some vendors to not be paid on time, including Johnson Press.

One of those things was the auto-pay remittances to the paid contractors (including your editor…). Another was the changes in authorized signatures. Our bank requires in-person visits to effect changes in signatories, and with our check signers located in different parts of the country, that is always a bit of a challenge.

Anyway, we did get the issues sorted – the contractors were paid, Johnson Press was paid, the US Postal Service account was topped up to cover the mailing costs of September/October, and everything went out on September 20, ten days later than planned. But it did go out – or at least, it went into the hands of the US Postal Service.

There’s one other thing you should know. You probably know by now that in late August, postal rates increased (a first-class stamp is now 58 cents, up from 55 cents) and you may have recently read or heard on the news that effective October 1, the delivery standards for US First Class mail will change. Instead of two- to three-day delivery, the new standard will be five days. But that’s only for standard-size envelopes. The large envelopes which hold your Journal have always been slower, and that does not change. USPS doesn’t speculate on how much slower large envelopes will be. We can just say, “Pay more, wait longer” might be a good motto for the USPS.

Periodicals-class mail doesn’t change. According to the USPS, there is no delivery standard for Periodicals. When it gets there, it gets there. No promises. And no recourse.

Mike Bryant
Editor, Theatre Organ