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If you are one of our thousands of members, welcome to this site’s resources and enjoy the site. If you are new to our interest in theatre organs, we hope you will take some time to discover one of the music world's unique gems - the Mighty Theatre Organ and its home, the Movie Palace. It's been more than 100 years since Wurlitzer created its first theatre organ. Barton, Robert-Morton, Kimball, and dozens of other companies created thousands of instruments, made to accompany silent films, and fill majestic movie palaces with glorious music. ATOS is proud to work with more than 55 local chapters across the U.S. and around the world, promoting the instrument, presenting concerts and silent films, developing young artists and technicians, providing scholarships, and most of all, having a lot of fun in the world of music. As always, we welcome suggestions for content that would be useful.

So take a moment. Find an instrument near you. Listen to some wonderful music using ATOS RADIO. or visit one of the many events available around the world listed on our Events List. Be introduced to an artist; or explore our art form's fascinating history and technology. We are delighted you found us.
If not a member, we hope you will join us. Everything you need to do so is right here. Be prepared for what we like to call a musical "WOW!" moment. Get set for the mighty theatre organ and ATOS. Welcome again!
Richard Neidich
Chairman of the Board

Recent News & Articles
  • We have our winners! They will compete at the ATOS Convention in Pasadena on Saturday, June 30 at Barnum Hall in Santa Monica. Also performing on the 3/17 Wurlitzer will be Alex Jones, the 2017 overall winner. In alphabetical order... Ryan Hardy, 21 years old from Sioux Falls, SD Brett Miller, 16 years old from Ottsville, PA Luke Staisiunas, 21 years from West Chester, PA more
  • With spring well underway, its been great to travel to theatre organ events without the winter’s travel limitations. Most recently I visited a new home installation and heard the wonderful contributions that a tonal finishing can make to a theatre pipe organ. For those near central California, you may want to review the Sierra Chapters website at http://www.sierrachapteratos.org/ and consider... more
  • While the rumor-mill now runs 24/7 thanks to Facebook, Twitter and much more on social media, it is indeed often based on rumor which is often as far removed from fact as the motor oil known as margarine is from butter. And in the world of ATOS, do we LOVE rumors! Let’s focus on one particular theatre pipe organ. If one believes what has been on Facebook and throughout “our world” over the past... more
  • For most of us, winter is leaving and spring is rapidly arriving. It’s time for all of us to get out and about - this is the perfect time to share activities with others, including many ATOS chapter events. Chapters Showcase Based upon the many years of successful efforts by Marion Flint and the photo albums she showed many ATOS chapters, several years ago Mary Ann Dilworth worked to create an... more
  • A CD featuring highlights from the 2017 ATOS convention in Tampa, Florida is now available in the Marketplace. Featuring Wurlitzer theatre pipe organs in the Tampa Theatre, Grace Chuirch, Janko Residence, and Stephen Brittain residence, in addition to the temporary Hauptwerk Wurlitzer in the Pinellas Park Auditorium and the magnificent digital 5/92 Walker organ in the Amalie Arena. Visit our... more
  • Seven years ago, the American Theatre Organ Society entered into a partnership agreement with the University of Oklahoma which established the Theatre Organ Archive and Library at the American Organ Institute. What was the collection of historical material, recordings, letters and more thus found not only a new home, but received the benefit of serious archival attention. The ongoing care,... more

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4/32 - East Sussex National

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