ATOS Chapters

ATOS as an organization does not directly present instruments to the public. Instead, utilizing a network of Chapters the efforts of ATOS are often presented by a Chapter, since they have the access, resources and instrument access to make presentations of the instrument and its unique musical capabilities. These presentations take the form of concerts, silent film showing with live theatre organ accompaniment, and live music based entertainment shows. The programs showcase internationally known as well as local talent and include “open console" events to let amateurs try their hand at the father of musical synthesizers, the theatre pipe organ.

If you are looking for how to experience a theater organ, visit the ARTISTS IN ACTION menu choice where you can taste the visual and sonic experiences associated with theatre organ. Have a free day, check out the CHAPTER LIST to the left and utilize a local chapter’s web link to determine what activities they are operating. Or, check-out the EVENTS LIST for a list of future program events.The Chapter Showcases provide a quick look at several chapter’s events during the indicated year.