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For those that are new to the theatre organ world, welcome. I hope that you will take some time to browse around the various pages of our website to discover more about these amazing instruments. Many of these instruments are approaching a century old! Not only is the music grand, but the theatres that many of them are housed in are absolutely gorgeous.

While here, learn about the Mighty Wurlitzer, Barton, Kimball, Robert-Morton, Page, and other companies that created thousands of instruments. The theatre organ is a very versatile instrument, not just for accompanying silent movies. There are also theatre organs in restaurants, skating rinks, dance halls, and arenas.

ATOS has several chapters throughout the U.S., as well as around the world. We work on promoting the instrument, encouraging chapters and theatre to present concerts and silent films, develop young artists and technicians, teach restoration techniques, and most of all, have fun with the instrument and the music.

Enjoy your time here. Find an instrument in your area. Enjoy listening to the wonderful music playing on ATOS RADIO. Visit one of the many events available around the world. Many of these can be found on our Events List.

I hope you enjoy the music, and if you are not a member, I hope you will join us as we celebrate this wonderful instrument. We have lots of great information here regarding this instrument. Enjoy the sites and sounds of the mighty theatre organ!

Dave Calendine

Chairman of the Board

July 2018

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Recent News & Articles
  • Dear friends in ATOS: Over the past few weeks we have heard a lot of news regarding the University of Oklahoma and the American Organ Institute. Please know that your ATOS leadership is in contact with officials there with regards to not only the survival of that great program, but also the status of the Theatre Organ Archives. Almost anything you might be hearing now is speculation, hearsay or... more
  • ATOS Board Chairman Dave Calendine provides a member's update via video. more
  • ATOS is pleased to offer the 9th Annual Technical Experience for participants 18 years of age and older. AUGUST 5 - 8, 2019 This year the Technical Experience will be presented again as in the past years. Since the very first Technical Experience was presented in 2010 eight seminars have been held annually. Each seminar presented covered a major subject area with regard to proper restoration of a... more
  • ATOS Chapter Showcase The annual opportunity for Chapters to communicate to our membership and others their initiatives that inform, present and preserve theatre organs, as well as promote use of the instruments. The Showcase provides each of our Chapters a chance to illustrate their efforts toward these goals. The efforts of ATOS are often presented by a Chapter, since they have the access,... more
  • Finalists Announced It is with great pleasure that we announce the three finalists selected for this year's Young Theatre Organist Competition! They will perform on the 3/12 Wurlitzer in Eisenhart Auditorium on July 1, during the Annual Convention. Jared Goldinger Jared is 19 years old and lives in Massillon, Ohio. Regularly, he plays at the Canton Palace Theatre on the 3/11 Kilgen Wonder Organ,... more
  • By Ken Double I had the privilege of being in the Chicago area and spending the better part of two days during the recent ATOS Summer Youth Adventure (the “SYA”). It is hard to believe that this event just celebrated its 10th Anniversary! This year’s staff included SYA director Jonas Nordwall; Donna Parker; Jelani Eddington; Martin Ellis and Chris Elliott. They were kept busy over a week-long... more
  • ATOS Convention Day 2 - July 4 From Jared: What a day!! I started off with breakfast with the youth here. We discuss everything we possibly can about the theatre organ. Soon after, I took a nice walk to Grays. There we saw Mark Herman. I had no clue the organ lifted into the air. Quite a sight!! I was acknowledged today before the concert. If I had known beforehand, I would have dressed nicer!!!... more
  • In 2011, the American Theatre Organ Society entered into a partnership agreement with the University of Oklahoma which established the Theatre Organ Archive and Library at the American Organ Institute . What was the collection of historical material, recordings, letters, and more thus found not only a new home, but received the benefit of serious archival attention. The ongoing care, restoration... more

Recently Added Events

October 6
3/20 Wurlitzer - Appell Center for the Performing Arts - Capitol Theatre

September 21
3/66 Kimball - John Dickinson High School

September 21
4/74 Wurlitzer - The Nethercutt Collection

September 20
4/74 Wurlitzer - The Nethercutt Collection

September 21
4/74 Wurlitzer - The Nethercutt Collection