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  • July 26
    Michael Fellenzer, Endowment Chair, announces the endowment fund grants for this year: Dairyland Chapter, $13,870, Geneva Restoration Phase I Bluegrass Chapter, $15,500, Restoration of Regulators, Trunks and Equalizers, KY Wurlitzer Ironwood Theatre, $2,000, General repair organ Congratulations to these organizations! more
  • July 26
    At their July 24 board meeting, the Board of Directors filled a long-standing vacant board position with Ed Garcia, who was next in line with the number of votes after the recent election. Welcome Ed to the ATOS Board of Directors. more
  • July 10
    Due to the current Covid crisis, Jonas Nordwall has announced that the Fall Adult Adventure learning experience has been postponed until the current situation improves. It was originally scheduled to take place over the weekend of October 9 through 11 in Maryland, at the fantastic Wurlitzer residence installations of Jack and Mildred Hardman, and Richard Kline. Guest instructors scheduled were... more
  • June 10
    The ballots have been tabulated and the results are in. The newly elected board members are: Tedde Gibson - 495 votes Kevin Cartwright - 487 votes Luke Staisiunas - 360 votes There were 1,754 ballots sent out and 729 were received back, which is 42%. (Most elections have been 20%.) Congratulations to these board members! more
  • May 31
    An amazing look at this incredible theatre, with a soundtrack that speaks to our current situation. Beautiful and compelling - don't miss this! more
  • May 3
    Master pipe organ craftsman Ken Crome passed away on May 1. It would be difficult to find a corner of the theatre organ world that Ken didn't touch, from the original installation in the Jasper Sanfilippo home, to the recent acclaimed installation of the original Fox Studio Wurlitzer in the Bandrika studio of Nathan Barr. His stellar craftsmanship is seen the in the numerous consoles he... more