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Award nominations are now open. The nominations must come from you, our members! As many people are doing extraordinary things to support the theatre organ and ATOS, we need your help!

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As Chairman of the Board of the American Theatre Organ Society, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our official website. Here you will find a wealth of information on our history, the personalities, and our organization.
You will see our journey, from our humble beginnings at a home meeting among friends, to having chapters across the world. If you’re new to ATOS or theatre organs, we can help you find a local chapter’s contact information so you can connect with like-minded individuals to empower you in your theatre organ journey.

If you’re a new member, welcome! If you’re a returning member, thank you for coming back. Our directors are also chapter liaisons who work with our chapters to keep lines of communications open so we can continue to do the work to preserve, promote, and protect the amazing theatre organ.

Our bi-monthly Journal is an industry standard and a wealth of information; it is a part of your membership and as a member, you can contribute articles to let the theatre organ world know what is going on in your locality. Once again, welcome!

Warm Regards,

Tedde Gibson

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  • April 30
    Greetings! Any member wanting to make a nomination should send that candidate's nomination to awards [at] atos.org as soon as possible so their name can be considered. The categories are: 1. Hall of Fame - This is the American Theatre Organ Society's highest award! It is presented to someone who has devoted a lifetime to ATOS's cause, usually having previously won different awards. This award is... more