Hear and See Now!

Hear and See Now!

Theatre organs provide unique sound and visual stimuli and are often the basis for wanting to see and hear the many various installations and instruments, presented by a group of talented performers. The ability to witness these presentations are possible by use of the internet, sound and video media, and by attendance at on-going performances across the world. The choices presented are provided here to enable the curious or committed advocate to explore and enjoy the unique sounds of a theatre organ. Originally titled the “unit orchestra” it combines the sounds of orchestral instruments like clarinet, saxophone, tuba, violin and flute with the varied rhythmic sounds of the jazz orchestra’s many percussive instruments. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Words can't describe the sounds of the theatre organ. To understand what a Theatre Organ is, you have to hear and see one.

To find a Theatre Organ in your area, visit our Where Are They pages.

...or you can watch the Dickinson (Delaware) Theatre Organ Society's YouTube page (including their recent live concert-cast).

...or you might find a local chapter of ATOS in your area.

...or you could listen to Theatre Organ Radio.

...or take a look at some of the videos below.

Once you hear or see, you'll believe. Should you want to learn more, visit our History of the Theatre Organ pages. Or consider joining ATOS.

Watch and Hear on You Tube

Jelani Eddington

Jelani Eddington plays the Main Title from the Star Wars Symphonic Suite at the 5/80 Sanfilippo Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ in Barrington, Illinois. Video by Donnie Rankin/DR4 Productions LLC and audio by Josh Richter.

Simon Gledhill and Richard Hills

'Spectre on the Spree!' by Louis Mordish, played by Simon Gledhill on the Holbeach Studio Organ and Richard Hills on the Steinway piano, with assistance from Robert Rowley.

Behind the Scenes with organist Ken Double and the Atlanta Fox Theatre's Mighty Mo' organ

We went backstage at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta to talk with Ken Double, the masterful organist who plays the beloved "Mighty Mo." The world's second largest theater organ, it utilizes 3,622 pipes ranging from the size of a ball point pen to 32 feet tall and wide enough for a man to stand in, and, says Double, "It is a privilege to play."

David Gray at Dickinson High School, Wilmington, Delaware

A few moments with David Gray prior to his concert for the Dickinson Theatre Organ Society on November 22, 2014.

Bumble Boogie - Nathan Avakian

Nathan Avakian performs on the Orion Centre Wurlitzer in Sydney.

A Tribute to the late organist Buddy Cole, by TheatrePierre

"When the Leaves Are Turning" was a beautiful song composed and arranged by Hollywood Organist/Pianist Buddy Cole. It was featured on Buddy's concept album, "Autumn Nocturne". Here, the new Paramount 450 Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ faithfully recreates Buddy's own arrangement.