ATOS Chapters

ATOS Chapters

ATOS as an organization does not directly present instruments to the public. Instead, utilizing a network of Chapters the efforts of ATOS are often presented by a Chapter, since they have the access, resources, and instrument access to make theatre organ presentations. These presentations take the form of concerts, silent film showings with live theatre organ accompaniment, and live music-based entertainment shows. The programs showcase internationally known, as well as local talent, and often include “open console" events to let amateurs try their hand at the father of musical synthesizers, the theatre pipe organ.

If you are looking for how to experience a theater organ, visit the HEAR AND SEE menu choice where you can sample the visual and sonic experiences associated with the theatre organ. Or, check-out the EVENTS LIST for a list of future program events.The Chapter Showcases provide a quick look at several chapter’s events during the indicated year.


The heart of the American Theatre Organ Society is its chapters, where the goals of ATOS are accomplished by dedicated members. Many local chapters own theatre pipe organs or have access to at least one theatre pipe organ in their community. Click to locate a chapter in your general area.

Some of the many ATOS chapter activities

  • Concerts and workshops, open to the public, featuring internationally recognized organists and technicians
  • Hands-on experience in moving, rebuilding, installing, and maintaining theatre pipe organs
  • Staging public programs and silent film presentations to enlighten the community about the theatre pipe organ and its music
  • Social activities with people of similar interests
  • The sheer pleasure of listening to great music performed on the "King of Instruments"
Whatever your taste in music, you will love the big sound of the theatre pipe organ. The sound is unmatched, and all who listen to the theatre pipe organ are fascinated by its great versatility. The instrument is well suited to playing popular as well as classical music.
The theatre pipe organ is often referred to as a "unit orchestra." It is a unique American art form – a national treasure that must be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations.
Outstanding organists from around the world preserve the heritage and expand the possibilities of theatre pipe organ music.
Many motion picture palaces are being returned to their opening night splendor as performing arts centers. Their restoration is often tied to the preservation of a theatre pipe organ.
Members of the American Theatre Organ Society join together to present concerts, preserve fine organs, and enjoy the company of others who share our interests. Through our journal, we keep in touch with current information and reviews of recordings often available only through our listings. Anyone with an interest in these activities is invited to join the ATOS.