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Monday, July 12th 2021

This video, produced by PBS, showcases the Mighty Morton in the beautiful Ohio Theatre. Stage manager, Jim Cantrell, takes us behind the scenes and Clark Wilson provides music on the Morton in this delightful, short documentary.
Ohio Theatre Robert Morton

Wednesday, July 7th 2021

The Unconventional 2021 Convention featuring less-known organs is now! Visit
to learn more.

Saturday, June 12th 2021

Details about the 2021 Summer Youth Adventure are available now, and the event will run July 11 - 16. All tuition will be covered this year for participants - REGISTER NOW!
There is an online registration form available.
See all the information at Summer Youth Adventure page.

Saturday, June 12th 2021

Thanks to a poster on Facebook, we were alerted that our contact page on the website was broken. Its been replaced with a new page. Feel free to give a try and let us know. We'll respond now -- if everything is working correctly. The direct link is

Sunday, May 9th 2021

Be aware that chapter members have reported receiving "scam" emails that appear to be from other members, or chapter officers, requesting money or payment for services. Whenever in doubt, please contact the individual by phone, or in person, to verify information before you send money. It is unfortunate that all businesses and organizations are vulnerable to these scams.

Monday, March 1st 2021


A Message from the ATOS Board of Directors, and
Convention Planning Coordinator Mike Kinerk

Tuesday, February 9th 2021

That’s a question I’m hearing more and more, which is very frustrating. To help out with the explanations of what we face, I’ve corralled Journal Editor Mike Bryant to fill in some of the blanks. His contributions are in italics. (He also suggested “Postal Service: Oxymoron?” as the headline: I didn’t take him up on that.)

Saturday, September 19th 2020

American Theatre Organ Society Announces
2020 Awards of Distinction Winners

Sunday, July 26th 2020

Michael Fellenzer, Endowment Chair, announces the endowment fund grants for 2020:

  • Dairyland Chapter, $13,870, Geneva Restoration Phase I
  • Bluegrass Chapter, $15,500, Restoration of Regulators, Trunks and Equalizers, KY Wurlitzer
  • Ironwood Theatre, $2,000, General repair organ

Congratulations to these organizations!

Sunday, July 26th 2020

At their July 24 board meeting, the Board of Directors filled a long-standing vacant board position with Ed Garcia, who was next in line with the number of votes after the recent election. Welcome Ed to the ATOS Board of Directors.