ATOS is focused on the preservation and presentation of the theatre pipe organ through a set of organizational activities or programs. As an organization it is operated by an elected Board of Directors, nine of which serve staggered three year terms, with the addition of annually appointed officers. On an annual basis the Board approves a set of program activities focused on educational and entertainment goals related to theatre organs and its musical art form.

The American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS) is the international leader dedicated to pursuing a positive difference in conserving and promoting the theatre pipe organ and its music, preserving original instruments where possible. We provide support and guidance to all ATOS chapters and others, with promotional and educational opportunities to both those within the Society, and to the public worldwide through the Internet, publications, conventions, and personal contact. We are passionately devoted to providing professional leadership and resources so the theatre pipe organ will thrive in the 21st century.

Organized in 1955, ATOS has grown into an international society of more than 3,000 members. There are over 60 chapters in the United States and foreign countries. Members working at the chapter level are accomplishing the goals of ATOS to preserve, restore, maintain, and promote the theatre pipe organ. Presenting concerts, silent film programs and educational seminars for the general public are but a few of the regularly scheduled chapter activities. ATOS is formed and recognized as a non-profit organization under IRS guidelines 501(c)3.

Another goal of ATOS is to encourage young musicians to become proficient theatre organists. An annual Young Organist Competition is sponsored by ATOS. The winners receive cash awards and the opportunity to perform at the Annual ATOS Convention. In addition, ATOS provides annual scholarships to aspiring young organ students.

Members receive the acclaimed bimonthly journal, Theatre Organ, which contains articles of interest to all theatre pipe organ enthusiasts. This journal has become the almost exclusive source of information about new and reissued theatre pipe organ recordings.

In addition, ATOS maintains a comprehensive archives/library collection, which is available by appointment to members, music scholars, historians, and others. The ATOS radio program, Theatre Pipes, is available at no cost, to local radio stations for broadcast in their service area.

Mailing Address:
Donna Parker, Membership Secretary
P.O. Box 6491
Aloha, Oregon 97007-0491