2019 Technical Seminar

News: 2019 Technical Seminar

ATOS is pleased to offer the 9th Annual Technical Experience for participants 18 years of age and older.

AUGUST 5 - 8, 2019

This year the Technical Experience will be presented again as in the past years. Since the very first Technical Experience was presented in 2010 eight seminars have been held annually. Each seminar presented covered a major subject area with regard to proper restoration of a theatre pipe organ. We have now come full circle and the 2018 we begin the seminar series over again with the very basics of restoration. The 2019 teaching will be in the form of two seminars. The first seminar will continue the process with the complete rebuilding of “theatre organ” regulators of which there will be “hands on” experience for all participants. The Second seminar if time allows will be on the basics of releathering techniques for Barton, Wurlitzer manual chests. It will include proper materials to use and craftsmanship techniques for releathering manual and off-set chests.