Phil Kelsall MBE

Blackpool Tower’s Ballroom is home to what must be the most famous and most played Wurlitzer in the world and Phil Kelsall has amazingly now completed 36 years at the Tower, having been appointed in 1975, initially as organist in the Tower Circus band with occasional appearances in the Ballroom.

In 1977 Ernest Broadbent the then Tower organist, retired
through ill-health and Phil was the obvious choice as the new principal resident organist, a position he has held ever since.

The link between the Tower Ballroom and the BBC has always been a strong one, more recently through the hit series Strictly Come Dancing . The legendary Reginald Dixon broadcasts will be particularly remembered by many and Phil Kelsall was to continue this link when in 1980 he was asked by the BBC to record for the Sam on Sunday shows, following Reginald Dixon’s retirement part way through that series. Phil has also acted as a guest presenter for Radio 2’s The Organist Entertains. Numerous credits have also included Radio 4’s long running The Archers and Radio 2’s flagship music programme, Friday Night is Music Night.


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December 2014