ATOS Convention Overture Day

News: ATOS Convention Overture Day

"Hi I'm Jared Goldinger, winner of the 2016 George Wright Memorial Fellowship. We started off on a looooonnnng 4 hour bus trip to the senate theatre to see the 4/37 Wurlitzer with Richard Hills performing. I was expecting much but not this much; I was absolutely amazed by the size, the power, and even the swell shades with the faint lights inside the chambers. What a great way to start off the convention.

Our next location, Stahl's Automotive Museum, had the great Justin LaVoie on the 3/23 Wurlitzer. The most memorable part for me was the duet between himself. He'd used the uniflex system to record and playback whilst he played against himself!! Another great thing about the Wurlitzer's Wurlitzer, the 32's and the 16's :D

As I'm typing, I'm with the YTOC finalists playing the Allen organ in the lobby.

More tomorrow!"