A Big Month for ATOS

News: A Big Month for ATOS


By ATOS Chairman Richard Neidich and President Ken Double

A smooth transition; a new Board of Directors; a “calming of the storm;” a great convention; and two other major events are an indication that the American Theatre Organ Society is back to conducting its business well, and is moving forward.

The Cleveland Convention was a great success and you will read all about it in the upcoming September-October issue of the journal. In making the transition to the new board of directors, we offer our sincere “Thanks” to outgoing board members Lee Lanier, Bob Evans (who served nine years as Secretary), Juan Cardona, Jr., and John Ledwon.

We welcome new Treasurer Vince Mirandi from the Central Florida Chapter; new Vice Chairman George Anderson from Garden State; Mark Renwick from North Florida; and Secretary Dave Calendine from Motor City. There will soon be an announcement about filling the open seat on the board. If you have an interest in helping ATOS, the Committee Chairs, to be affirmed next week. are always looking to interested members who could be contributors to our overall effort.

ATOS has survived its period of turmoil and looks to springboard ahead following the terrific convention hosted by the Western Reserve chapter. The nearly-400 in attendance experienced a great and nearly glitch-free event, that was musically and aesthetically spectacular with those wonderful pipe organs in those gorgeous theatres.

Immediately following the convention, the Summer Youth Adventure was held in Chicago, where 12 young people between the ages of 11 and 20 were trekked around the Chicago area to play the 5-manual Wurlitzer at Fred Hermes residence; the 5-manual Sanfillipo theatre organ; the 5-manual Allen at the studios run by Lee Maloney; the 4-manual Barton at the Rialto Square Theatre; the 4-manual Wurlitzer at Mundelein (the John Seng/now CATOE organ), and on and on. Six of the twelve were brand new to the SYA which is exciting. Again, you will read more about this in detail in an upcoming journal.

Meanwhile, on the heels of that event, Carlton Smith is hosting yet another Technical Experience at his shop in Indianapolis, whereby our volunteer technicians who attend are able to learn more about the proper techniques of restoration and installation.

Richard Neidich will have a complete rundown of his plans for the year in the Journal’s Convention issue. The year will focus on bringing in new contributors to the society, expanding our dialog with members and chapters and moving forward with necessary changes to modernize membership services and how we add value to our membership. We also face the challenge of reorganizing our business model to allow for greater efficiency as well as pushing forward the organizations goals.

Ken Double will literally “double” his efforts on the fundraising side of the organization as the deficits must be dealt with, and the programs to be funded are married to those who will provide the support. He will also continue his travels to meet with as many chapter leaders and individual members as the airlines and his car will take him.

Finally, in getting down to business, we do not expect a bunch of “yes men and women” to simply rubber stamp whatever action plan is brought forth. From disagreement comes discussion; from discussion comes consensus; which then provides the compromise decision that best sets forth the plan ahead. We expect there will be disagreement on the best path ahead. And from that will come a solution and an action plan. This is part of the best path forward for ATOS, and it is our pledge to you that we will work hard in the next year and beyond to grow ATOS and its mission to preserve and present the instrument and the music we love – that of the wonderful theatre pipe organ.

Richard Neidich, Chairman
American Theatre Organ Society
Ken Double, President
American Theatre Organ Society

July 23, 2016

Richard Neidich