Elections and Results (2017)

News: Elections and Results (2017)

By now you may have been wondering about a ballot in order for members to make their selection of three new Directors for the ATOS Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee Chairman Bob Evans received only three valid candidates for this year’s election, the same number of open three year terms. The ATOS By-Laws allow for the Board of Directors to suspend the mailing of the election ballots. That provision states:
“If, after the close of nominations, the number of nominees is not more than the number of Directors to be elected, the Board then serving may without further action declare those nominated and qualified to be elected have been elected.”

Accordingly, the Board meet on February 13 and declared those nominated to be elected. This eliminated the need to mail and process ballots at a saving of approximately $1,600.

The new Directors for the 2017-2020 three-year terms are Michael Fellenzer, Tedde Gibson and Taylor Trimby. Michael Fellenzer, presently serving as Past Chair on the Board will be joined by two new Directors. Tedde Gibson began his career in the Washington State part of the country and is now living in the Washington, DC. He is a professional organist on classic and theatre instruments. Taylor Trimby is currently serving as CATOE’s publicity coordinator and working to have the Arcada Theater’s Geneva/Marr and Colton restored. The newly arriving Directors have already begun to participate in the Boards discussion (without voting privileges) and will formally assume their duties at the Annual Board Meeting on July 2, 2017 preceding the Tampa Convention.

The Board currently has two open Director’s position with one year remaining on these vacancies. Anyone wishing to assist with our ATOS Boards activities, please contact the Chairman at r.neidich [at] atos.org. If you have career experiences in operating or managing a business or arts organization, your knowledge could be of great value to ATOS.

Also note that the Board has the duty of selecting four appointed directors each year, which are the corporate officers for the positions of Chairman of the Board, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Anyone wishing to serve in one of these positions should submit their candidacy to the Chairman by May 1st and be prepared to present themselves to the Board in Tampa on July 2, 2017 when the officers will be elected.

Elsewhere on the ATOS website you will be seeing information regarding the 2017 ATOS Tampa Convention. Please considering joining old friends and making new ones in Tampa, Florida. Among other features, the visit to the Amalie Arena to hear the five manual Walker theatre organ, I’m confident this will be one of those events discussed for years to come.

Richard Neidich
Chairman of the Board