Ken Double's Blog Jan. 7, 2014

Tuesday, January 7th 2014

Ken Double’s Blog
January 7, 2014

Hello New Year – Good-bye Pounds!!

So have you written any checks yet, and put “2013” on the date line?
And have you dared to venture on to the scale so soon after the holidays?
And for the 187 million of us humans stung by the “Arctic Vortex,” have you ventured outside much? GADS!!

Regarding reacquainting myself with my bathroom scale, I will do just that – but not for a few more days after the final “going out with friends” and the last of the big meals. I have already started on the fresh-fruit-for-breakfast routine because my waistline, belt notches and other indicators clearly suggest I have consumed WAY too many calories.

Oh well. I had a lot of fun.

A group of us from Atlanta drove over to Birmingham Sunday to hear ATOS’ legal advisor, and fine theatre organist, Dolton McAlpin put Big Bertha through its paces. This was great fun. Dolton plays with a most listenable style, and the company of our friends to the west is always wonderful.

We are also brought along a xylophone in need of rebuilding, and this great relationship between the Atlanta Chapter and the Alabama Chapter allows us the great benefit of sharing expertise. In this case, Larry Donaldson and his great crew are going to help us with this piece of our Page organ at Stephenson High School.

It’s been good to be home for a while, but travel starts again soon. A quick stop in the San Francisco Bay area is on tap in a couple of weeks. Then, February 8th I have the distinct pleasure of my second concert on what Simon Gledhill dubbed the “King Kong” of Wurlitzers, at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA.

I will be joined by my trumpet-playing friend Skip Stine, and his most talented vocalist/wife Cathy Chemi, both alums of the Harry James Orchestra. These shows are so very much fun. I just hope the worst of the weather will be out of the way.

While I have spoiled myself down here in Atlanta, we do get winter, too. As I write this January 7, Atlanta set records at just 4-degrees in the early morning. And yet, the weatherman says 61 and rainy on Saturday. Go figure.

There is a lot of interesting “stuff” going on all over ATOS-land. Much of this stuff revolves around rumor. Thus, I don’t want to write much about it. Oh, where is the late Tom B’hend when you need him? In his heyday, Tom published the monthly newsletter/muckraking rag he dubbed The Console. And never one to necessarily let facts get in the way of “dirt,” but also seeming to have a line on all the organists and all the instruments, his monthly gossipy missive was great reading. (Gads, how he loved to stir the pot!)

Our friend Bucky Reddish has a huge collection of back issues, and it is a hoot to flip through some of these; see pictures of many of my friends when they were younger, thinner and “of hair;” and simply smile and giggle a lot.

We have the Indianapolis convention this summer; Summer Youth Adventure and Technical Experience events; amazing projects in London, Australia, and across the U.S.; major instruments needing homes; and a slew of great concerts seeking audiences.

And here is a New Year’s resolution we should all make and work hard to keep: make it a point to get at least two new members to join ATOS and your local chapter, and personally sell at least 4 tickets to the next concert or silent film in your area. Can you imagine the impact we would make on our musical world if our 3,000 members (way over 4,000 counting wives, family and others within the “membership”), would act on THAT resolution?

I hope 2014 is a great year for ATOS, all of you members, and your chapters around the world.

More soon. Maybe even some juicy rumors. LOL, as they write.

Take care, stay warm, and Happy New Year indeed!