Message from Ken Double

News: Message from Ken Double

Dear Friends in ATOS:
By now I know many of you have received the news that I have tendered my letter or resignation as President/CE of ATOS to Chairman Richard Neidich. The effective date is March 31, 2017. I know you know because I have received dozens and dozens upon dozens of phone calls, text messages and emails on the topic.
I will answer you all eventually, but there are two reasons for writing this email to you now, and posting it on the ATOS website.
First, I spent an amazing three days, just arriving back home in Atlanta Saturday, January 28th.
The first part of the journey involved what I have enjoyed doing for ten years. I met with Taylor Trimby, treasurer of CATOE, and we had serious discussions about the Arcada Theatre pipe organ and how we can fashion a campaign, with ATOS’ assistance, to bring that original instrument up to excellent playing standards. It’s a great project because the Arcada Theatre ownership LOVES this pipe organ and wants to more with it in terms of presenting it to the public.
Then, I went to Lafayette, IN where the Long Center presented Suzanne Lloyd with her special show about her grandfather, Harold; followed by Clark Wilson’s brilliant accompaniment of Safety Last.
Of equal importance, the independent Long Center Theatre Organ Society announced its partnership with the Greater Lafayette Community Foundation (GLCF) to establish the Wurlitzer of Long Center Foundation, under the umbrella of the GLCf. This will start a process of fundraising that we hope will guarantee the future of this instrument. So, I was delightfully doing what I do. And, I was busy – VERY busy – knowing full well the phone lines, chat rooms and IT world of theatre organ might be abuzz with the announcement. Thus, I have a LOT of messages still needing response!
It is important for me to state this clearly and unequivocally: this was entirely MY decision. I indeed felt even as far back as two years ago that perhaps 10 years in the post would be enough. That a fresh voice and approach would be beneficial. After serious thought and discussion with a very few whose opinion and judgment I trust implicity, I wrote to Richard Neidich January 2 and told him.
No one individual; no groups of individuals; no single event had anything to do with this decision. So, to speak frankly, for those who just cannot resist a new “conspiracy theory” to rattle around out in the Ethernet, there is none. This was totally my call, and after chatting with Richard, we wanted to be prepared to first tell the Executive Committee during our meeting Thursday, and then immediately inform the board and the staff.
My last President’s Message for the March-April issue of the journal will provide thoughts that will echo the message I sent to the board and staff. And as I have stated over and over since the announcement, thank you all for your kind words, great support, and membership in ATOS.