An Update on "Retreat Forward"

News: An Update on "Retreat Forward"

Following the ATOS retreat in September, the organization is now embarking on several tasks as it moves forward implementing the recommendations from the event. ATOS Chairman Bob Dilworth has appointed the first two committees.

The Finance Committee, headed by ATOS member Mark Renwick, will be researching several things including our overall investment policy and strategy; best practices for the Endowment Fund and how we might generate more; a similar effort for the Investment Fund; and perhaps most importantly, will assist in the effort to hire a “full charge bookkeeper.” With more than two million dollars in the organization’s coffers, this step to professional bookkeeping is needed.

The Transition and Bylaws/Policies Committee is headed by Jack Moelmann. This group will be making recommendations on changes to the bylaws and policies in an effort to ensure the bylaws and policies match our anticipated organizational changes.

The most important change for now is the definitive move to the separation of Governance and Operations. ATOS will restructure itself by defining its management model; organizing the tasks, programs and committees; and placing the day-to-day operations with staff reporting to the President/CE.

The board’s function in this new model will be that of a more traditional non-profit organization board. Thus, the board will be less involved with the day-to-day issues, and more involved with the oversight of ATOS. This represents a major shift from the present, and was a key component of the Retreat Forward principles coming out of the September event.

To that end, your most recent issue of the journal includes the Nominations announcement. One item was added to this year’s announcement. We seek, as always, those interested to run and do good work for ATOS. This year, we have specifically asked for those with background in the worlds of finance, IT, management, marketing and other major business practices to step up and run if interested. We encourage those to do so.

The Retreat Forward effort will eventually develop into the new Strategic Plan, and ATOS will be best served by those with a background in successful business practices to assist the organization as we move forward.

We will attempt to update this page bi-monthly, as there is news to pass along as we strive to reorganize ATOS into a model, professional, non-profit arts organization.

submitted by: Ken Double, November 12, 2014