Young Theatre Organist Winners

1984 Played a cameo at the convention:
John Cook
Tony O'Brien
John Lauter
Phil Silvertham

1985 Junior: Rebecca Rieker (San Diego)
Intermediate: Melissa Ambrose (Motor City)
Senior: Martin Ellis (Central Indiana)
Overall: Martin Ellis (Central Indiana)

1986 Junior: Neil Johnston III (Southwest Michigan)
Intermediate: Colleen Feldpausch (Motor City)
Senior: Dwight Thomas (Central Indiana)
Overall: Dwight Thomas (Indiana)

Young Theatre Organist Competition


The Young Theatre Organist Competition is the flagship competition of the American Theatre Organ Society. It is the premier showcase for young theatre organ musicians and is an essential part of ATOS’s role in assuring the future of the organization and the entire theatre organ movement. Most of the current performing theatre organists under the age of 45 have entered and placed in the YTOC.

2019 Winner, Aaron Hawthorne

2018 YTOC First Place Winner, Luke Staisiunas

2018 Winner, Luke Staisiunas

2017 Winner, Alex Jones

2016 Winner, Seamus Gethicker

2015 YTOC First Place Winner, Dan Minervini

2015 Winner, Dan Minervini