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Tuesday, October 13th 2009

To say I’ve been traveling a lot does not do the term “traveling” justice.

As I write this, I have been home now for four longest stretch at home in over five weeks!!

Monday, July 13th 2009

Greetings all from (today, July 13) rainy St. Petersburg, FL.
I’m not sure where to begin. The convention has ended and there is a warm glow, a busy buzz, a need for a nap, and a great big smile for a most successful event on almost all fronts.

Tuesday, June 16th 2009

Thank heaven I packed heavy long sleeved shirts. It’s still cold in Chicago!!

Thursday, May 7th 2009

Yikes has it been busy!

Greetings from St. Petersburg, FL where we have not had rain in three weeks or more.  Mrs. O’Leary’s cow won’t have nuthin’ on the guy who drops an ill-timed, still-burning cigarette butt on the side of the road down here!

Wednesday, February 25th 2009


I counted dates on the calendar the other day, and once February 28th hits, it will signal the end of a 41-day stretch, of which I will have spent 32 on the road. At times, I wonder why I pay rent!

But the travel is enlightening, heartening, mostly fun, and very worthwhile. In January and February, I have had the opportunity to touch base on the following:

Saturday, September 20th 2008

Ken Double’s Blog – or – This is a good way to spend time while at the airport!

I am winging my way back to Florida after an 11-day trip into Indiana and New York State. This trip accomplished several things. First, I performed at the Grande Barton organ at the Warren Performing Arts Center in Indianapolis, and then had the chance to play the Forum Theatre 4m Robert Morton organ in Binghamton, NY. I always enjoy playing the Barton – a truly great sound in that hall; and thoroughly enjoyed my first opportunity to play the Morton.