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Monday, August 20th 2012

Youth still being served – Birthday Cake!

Monday, August 13th 2012

Well I knew it was hot in Norman, OK, but it wasn’t until the Technical Experience event last week that I could literally compare it to a bake oven.

Wednesday, August 8th 2012

As happens a lot, I find myself at an airport; this time it's Denver's international airport which geographically might be closer to Salt Lake City (there's a joke there about how far out of town they built this terminal) - and I thought of ATOSer Lee Shaw. Lee was honored at this year's convention banquet, and rightfully so. There are a lot of wonderful people in the chapter centered in Denver and Colorado Springs, but there are few (not only there but anywhere) who do so many different things to help the chapter.

Monday, July 30th 2012

To paraphrase Mel Brooks’ line in History of the World, Part I, “It’s good to be the President” when one has rewarding and memorable duties such as I had this past Friday and Saturday.

Tuesday, July 24th 2012

Greetings all, coming down from the post-convention “high.”  Great concerts in LA.  Never heard Scott Foppiano any better, and what an instrument he presented to us.

Tuesday, May 22nd 2012

I am pleased to announce that Stephen Kucera, of Kansas City, KS, has been selected as the 2012 ATOS Theatre Organ Student of the Year. Stephen has demonstrated tremendous talent and enthusiasm for music and the theatre organ. In addition to excelling in his theatre organ studies with Scott Foppiano, Stephen is very involved with both his local ATOS and AGO chapters and plans to pursue an organ

Thursday, July 21st 2011

Col. Jack Moelmann has noted several times since last January that the ATOS Endowment Fund was just short of $1 million in its principal amount.  He wanted ATOS to hit that magic target, and took matters into his own hands at the 2011 Convention in Providence. 

Wednesday, July 20th 2011

The Mark of Zorro Silent Classic at the Atlanta Fox August 25, with Clark Wilson at Mighty Mo!

Friday, April 22nd 2011

Greetings...and lots of little odds and ends to chat about, or rather “blog” about.

April 15th (or this year, April 18th) is not only tax day - and don’t get me started on the issues emanating from our nation’s capital - but it also marks a couple of deadline dates for ATOS.

Wednesday, March 23rd 2011

ATOS Prez Blog...March 25, 2011

As always, there is a lot going on with a lot of projects involving a lot of ATOS folks!
I have just wrapped up a visit to Massachusetts, and it’s been amazing. EMCATOS, the Eastern Massachusetts Chapter, is most definitely ready for this summer’s convention.
Bob Evans, Don Phipps, Len Beyersdorfer, Dick Hanverger, Bruce Hager and a whole bunch of the chapter’s enthusiastic members are right on schedule for what should be a fantastic convention.
While finishing a CD at the Babson College 4/17 Wurlitzer, I had a chance to get a sneak-peek at the new installation at the Hanover Center in Worcester. Since the Clark Wilson/Carlton Smith tonal finishing effort, this big 4/35 Wurlitzer, in an elegant, handsome setting, will be a spectacular venue (see article in current Theatre Organ).
The organ is BIG, rich, lush and wonderful.